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For news and updates specific to Transmunity. Only admin can create topics, so the news is legit direct from the source.
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How it's going

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Hello there. Just putting the first news post up. So far everything is going smoothly with getting this community up and running. It's only been 4 days and this site is basically done. Just have to go through some testings to make sure there are no bugs to work out, and any other issues. Transmunity does already have a social presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Please do follow those, like, subscribe and all that. It really helps the community getting those numbers up there. For security, this place already has an A+ rating for its security headers. Little things like that, which you cannot see, just makes sure the community is going to be as safe as possible, and I do take things like that very seriously.

Rules will be posted too before the actual launch. Possibly some changes and or additions to the discussion areas, but I think the main ones are pretty much covered already. Can always add more when the community grows and the additional needs are brought out.

Stay tuned and keep checking in. The launch will happen very soon. Like within a few more days.

Take care, peace love and hugs.
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Re: How it's going

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