Important - Please read first - Transmunity Rules

If you are new here, this is where you can introduce yourself to the community.
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Important - Please read first - Transmunity Rules

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As with all communities there are some rules of this place. Trying to keep it as simple as possible, these are the rules:
  1. Obviously hate speech is not allowed here in any capacity.
  2. This is NOT a pornography forum. There are places for the "fetish" Transgender affections, this is not one of those.
  3. Encouragement of illicit - illegal drugs is strictly forbidden. ie saying your high is ok, telling someone to get high is NOT ok.
  4. Please do not use swear words excessively. Same goes for "internet speak" for example too many acronyms.
  5. This is also not a dating site. This just means no looking for dates, you may discuss relationships.
  6. Absolutely no spamming unrelated sites.
  7. Pictures - nothing pornographic allowed. Pictures also must be your own when claiming them to be of you. If posting a picture of someone else, do give credit to the person (as fair use and not to be claiming they are of you)
  8. No suicide posts allowed here. If you are struggling there will be a page of support numbers for professional help.
  9. Media outlets are not allowed to use this place in whole or in part for any purpose what so ever. For media inquiries use the contact us form link provided below.
This list will be updated as time goes on and the community evolves. Some areas may require specific rules of which they will be put as a sticky in said areas.

When in doubt of the rules, for what you may or may not do just follow a simple guideline and don't be a complete ass. If the post doesn't make one an ass then it's probably allowed.
Be an ass loose more than cash :thumbup:

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